1 = careful, observant, vigilant, watchful, alert.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex. The format of the description in an analytical entry requires careful consideration.
Ex. Every member of staff has a duty to be observant where safety is concerned.
Ex. After a discussion of the historical background to copyright, the reasons why libraries have had to become vigilant about infringement of copyright are examined.
Ex. Though in the teacher's case it does mean that he is more watchful for opportunities.
Ex. The alert interviewer may secure valuable unsolicited information as a by-product.
* estar atento a = be on the lookout for, keep + Posesivo + eyes peeled, keep + Posesivo + eyes skinned.
* mantener a Alguien atento = keep + Nombre + on + Posesivo + toes.
* mantenerse atento = keep + Posesivo + eyes (wide) open.
* mantenerse atento a lo que ocurre alrededor = have + an ear to the ground, keep + Posesivo + ear to the ground.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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